Mirror Image provides a “three step” buffing and waxing process.  The initial step is to wash each boat down by hand to remove all dirt and residue.  This initial step is crucial to ensure that the next step (buffing) has a clean, clear surface. The second step is the buffing.  We use a grit-free polishing compound which restores the luster of the boat.  The third and final step is hand-waxing the boat which provides a professional appearance of the boat.  Pricing for detailing of boats is divided into several categories (hull, topside, cockpit, cabin) giving you the freedon to select services specific to your needs.

Electronic Upgrades/Repair

Our technicians have experience with all types of electronic repairs and upgrades.  Whether you want to add an autopilot or underwater lights – we can do it for you.  We also have experience upgrading electronic equipment.

Fiberglass Repair/Restoration

Mirror Image has a staff that specializes in both repair and restoration of vessels.  We have a fiberglass team with over 45 combined years of experience in major structural repairs including stringers, transoms, finish work, and gel coat repair.


We have a 35-ton Marine Travel Lift at our Sandusky location which makes launching or pulling your vessel a breeze.

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